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Triumph motorcycle electrical parts,Lucas alternators for British Motorcycles,
Lucas switchgear,
Lucas ignition switch for Triumph T140E,
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Massive stocks of new Triumph  Motorcycle (Meriden) parts from the late 1930`s till late 1980`s
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  ( Please note we only sell parts which we fit on our own bikes/restorations and which are normally scouced from UK suppliers.)
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Triumph Charging,alternators,rectifier----
W61495-VAPE-Micro Electronic Ignition kit, nice piece of kit fits 12v Triumph/BSA/Norton Twins & singles,
T140 etc
works great, probably best one on the market
Electronic ignition 139 CDI ignition for Triumph 3TA etc, great for replacing  distributor on Triumph 3TA/5TA, fits in place of the STD Lucas alternator, does lights as well, converts to 12v CDI ignition 3ta to order
W10134 Solid state rectifier replaces STD Lucas 3 plate 12v 1 phase rectifier. w10134 rectifier 8      
W10123L- Lucas 120W (max output 160W) single phase rectifier/regulator.
Supplied with superseal connectors and fly lead for connection to an existing loom.

Designed for use with Lucas single phase stator 47205, but not suitable for high output single phase stators
Can also be used to convert early 6V three lead stators to 12V.
W10123L Reg-rectifier 42 W10124L-Lucas 200W(max output 240W) three phase rectifier/regulator.
Supplied with superseal connectors and fly lead for connection to an existing loom.

Designed for use with Lucas Three phase Stators 47244,47252, but also suitable for European motorcycles using 240W (maximum output) three phase stators.
Lucas regulator/rectifier 3 phase  
W10121  Podtronics single phase, high output (200W) for use with WW10190P 16 amp stator.
Replaces rectifier/diode
  78 W10124 Podtronics solid state, three phase rectifier/regulator. Replaces conventional rectifier and diode.   78
LU 47205 Genuine OEM stator RM21 , 1 Phase-made in England
12v 120w
    LU 47244 Genuine OEM alternator stator 12v 3 phase  14amp,as fitted to late T140E,made in UK LU47244 T140E 142
      LU47252, Made in UK , OEM stator, fitted as STD to 1978 T140E, 3phase , 10amp    
70-4531  Alternator STATOR FIXING RING PLATE Pre-unit,swing arm model statorplate70-4531.JPG (19281 bytes)        
Lucas Classic Motorcycle parts- 
W10417-Lucas Magneto end cap for Lucas K2F/K1F magnetos, with Cut Out.
Supplied with earth brush and terminal stop connection.
W19050-Lucas mag pick-ip K2F, clip on
Right Hand : 90 Degree cable exit!
Manufactured using new Official Lucas Tooling using modern PPS material offering better electrical insulation and resistance to heat.
Supplied with Acorn Nut, Brass lead washer, gasket and the correct grade UK made Carbon brushes!
W19050 pick-up 14.50      
W19051-Left Hand : 90 Degree cable exit!
Manufactured using new Official Lucas Tooling using modern PPS material offering better electrical insulation and resistance to heat.
Supplied with Acorn Nut, Brass lead washer, gasket and the correct grade UK made Carbon brushes!
W19051 mag-pick-up 14.50      
W61478 Magneto drive gear.
As fitted to Triumph pre unit Twins.
Lightweight alloy manual advance drive gear, manufactured to the original specifications, and suitable for Lucas and BTH Magnetos.
W61478Mag pinion   W10002B-Lucas dynamo brush 1/2 by 1/4,packet of 5 W10002B  
W61479- Lucas K2F Ignition Housing.
Designed as an authentic replacement for the original K2F magneto, as fitted to many British pre unit twins.
Ideal for owners looking to upgrade to Electronic Ignition and 12 volt electrics on magneto alternator models, while still preserving the original appearance of the motorcycle.
The K2F Ignition Housing is CNC manufactured from solid billet alloy in the UK, with a rumbled surface finish to replicate the original cast alloy magneto body.
Internally designed to accept the WW61495 Micro-MK1 Ignition Kit with it's unique compact billet stator design. The ignition trigger wiring exits the body via hollow dummy Lucas HT pick ups, wiring conduit can be used to replicate HT leads with the ignition pack, and coil(s) hidden either under the tank or dual seat.
W61479 Mag-replacement   W61489 Distributor body pre-unit for electronic ignition    
W10003B-Lucas K2F pick up brush
packet of 5
W10003B 11 W10001B-Lucas K2F earth brush
 packet of 5
W10001B Lucas 11
W10122L -31788-Lucas toggle switch 3 position lu31788 lucas 16 W10113-31780-Lcas toggle switch 2 position Lucas 31780 16.75
W10116-Lucas 31071 kill switch Lucas 31071   W10163L-30608-Lucas 2 position ignition switch body Lucas ignition switch 25
W101119A-Horn relay T150  T150 horn relay   W10164-LU30552 Lucas  4 position ignition switch (barrel is separate)   39.75
FS ignition lock keys  fs keys 3.50 W10145-Ignition lock and key for 30608 switch & LU30552 -4 position switch Lucas ignition lock  
      W1045P Ignition barrel and key   9.75
W10105L-Lucas rotor W10105L LUCAS 130 W10109B-Luacs 12 stator 1 phase, OEM no 47205 W10198 LUCAS 120
      W10190-LU47239 12V 1 phase 16 amp stator    
      W10192L-LU47244 3 phase stator T140E etc LU47244 120
W19375L-6V coil,4 3/8 length 1 5/8 diameter, for electronic ignition T140E etc, W19375L LUCAS 34 W19376L-12v coil, most points ignition models from approx 1966 W19376L LUCAS  
W10148L Lucas headlamp shell T140E   43      
W10149L/LU54526651- Lucas headlamp shell,3 warning holes, one switch hole,1 grommet hole,late T100,Commando etc LUCS headlamp shell 43 W50205 -5 3/4" Chrome headlamp shell & rim, plain top,1 grommet hole Lucas headlamp shell 5.75  
W50201- Lucas 7" H4 headlamp lens,
( bulb & holder not included)
lucas headlamp lens   several other types off shells also available    
W50201Complete,  with 12v H4 bulb & holder          
W10057 Lucas indicators ,short Stems, pair Lucas indicators   W10058L Indicator lens    5.75
long stem Lucas indicators pair   42      
SFB115 Flasher relay SFB115 Flasher relay 9.75 W19112,LU54953443-Genuine Lucas Headlamp Wiring Harness.
As fitted to Triumph T90,T100,T120 models (1968).
Premium quality cloth braided wiring harness!
Triumph T120 harness 1968  
Wiring Harness
W19098-  Main wiring Harness.
As fitted to Triumph T140,TR7 Disc/Drum models (1973-75).
W19097- Lucas Main Wiring Harness.
As fitted to Triumph T140, TR7 (1974-78) main wiring harness, braided.
Lucas 54962258.
Premium quality cloth braided wiring loom!
    LU54955256-Lucas Harness 1969-70 650 T120
wiring diagram
T120 harness  
WW19131---Lucas wiring harness T140E 1978/80,3 Phase, single diode, negative earth, Rita
wiring diagram
T140E harness 121 W19080C,LU54960714/59628
Genuine Lucas Main wiring Harness.
As fitted to Triumph T100 (1970-72).
Premium quality cloth braided wiring harness!
W19080C Lucas harness  
W19095-1980/81 T140E, 3 phase, for 3 diode pack,   121 W19086C,LU54960710-Genuine Lucas Main wiring Harness.
As fitted to Triumph T120/TR6 (1971-73) and BSA A50/A65 (1970-72).
Premium quality cloth braided wiring harness
      W19107C,LU5490711-Genuine Lucas Headlamp wiring Harness.
As fitted to Triumph TR6/T120 (1971-73) and BSA A50/A65 (1970-72).
Premium quality cloth braided wiring harness
      W19083,LU5490671 -Genuine Lucas Headlamp Wiring Harness.
As fitted to Triumph T150V (1971-72).
Premium quality cloth braided wiring harness!
      W19085,LU54960715-Genuine Lucas Main Wiring Harness.
As fitted to Triumph T150V (1971-72).
Premium quality cloth braided wiring harness!
W10904L-Lucas 12v LYB5LB Lucas battery 12v   W09094L-Lucas LYB14LA2, T140ES electric start LUCAS 12V battery  
W09166L-Lucas LYB9B ,T140V/D/T150 W09166L battery   W09226-6v  4.5 amp sealed battery, W=70mm,D=48mm,
H= 110mm
6v Battery  
collection only for battery's-no post-     W09226L Lucas battery 6v  as above    
Switchgear, handlebars-
W10128 DUCON TYPE DIP SWITCH for 7/8 bars Ducon switch        
W19231 LUCAS TYPE DIP/HORN SWITCH W19231 Dip switch   W19239 Lucas type 31563 horn/dip switch W19239  
W10112 Replica Lucas Dip switch with round lever, as fitted as OE to many early British motorcycles (1936-55).
Includes bracket and fixing screws.

To suit 7/8" handlebars.
W10112 Switch        
DD694600-Handlebar switch LH ,lights hi-low, indicator, horn handlebar switch DD   DD694625-LH handlebar switch ,start-of/run dd694625  
DD694605-Handle bar switch RH, kill, on-off, start RH switch   DD694620-Handlebar switch ,LIGHTS.HI-LOW,KILL DD694620 Switch  
Switches, ignition, brake, lighting-
W10412-88SA Ignition switch, mid 1960`s 350/500/650 etc, fits in LH side panel 88SAIGNITION.JPG (12880 bytes)        
LU54336176,Rubber ign sw knob(88SA)   8.25      
W10118 88SA LIGHTING SWITCH 88SALIGHTS.JPG (15224 bytes)        
PRS8 lighting/ignition switch PRS8.JPG (13255 bytes)        
W10120 Replica Lucas 41SA lighting switch.
As fitted to many 1960's motorcycles including BSA A7,A10 Rocket Goldstar B31,B33 ,AJS/Matchless, Triumph Pre-Unit and early Nortons.

Replaces Lucas LU31784
W11044-Wipac type rear brake switch wipac stop switch        
universal pull on brake switch BrSWuniversal.JPG (18142 bytes) 8.50 W11034/LP31688A/6SA stop switch 3TA etc W11034  
W10141-99-1028,Rear brake switch,T140,T150,T160 etc T140 stop switch 12      
LP54033234 Stop switch Stop switch Triumph 20 82-4697 RH sw bracket duplex pre-unit 82-4697.JPG (10536 bytes)  
LU34619, 60-7155-T140E front brake switch   9 82-4696 LH sw bracket duplex pre-unit 82-4696.JPG (12350 bytes)  
Ignition,coils,plug caps,spark plugs--
LU45275 PVL type 6V COIL, T140E etc T140 ignition coil 6V   W19371 12V TWIN LEAD COIL, suitable for Electronic ignition kits (12v Twins) dual lead 12v coil  
LU4527612V PVL type,12v coil   45 LUCAS MA6 fat  IGNITION COIL-for 3TA Dist model W19378.JPG (17531 bytes)  
COIL CLIP-for  6/12v small Lucas,PVL, 70-6389.JPG (5854 bytes) 6.75 LUCAS MA12 fat IGNITION COIL-for 3TA dist model when converted to 12v. W19379.JPG (21477 bytes)  
60-7124 OEM plug cap 60-7124.JPG (13252 bytes)   CHAMPION BAKELITE SPARK PLUG CAP OEM, price for 1 champion plug cap.jpg (10074 bytes) 7.75
PR0OU CHAMPION PLUG CAP-non supressed W76021.JPG (12173 bytes) 7 PLUG04 KLG SPARK PLUG CAP KLGplugcap.JPG (10153 bytes) 2.50
CHAMPION SPARK PLUG,N3,N4 Champion sparl plug.JPG (12637 bytes) 5.25 NGK LB05F plug cap NGK plug cap 6
PLUGHT1 T140 HT leads complete, pair T140 HT leads   NGK B7ES Spark plugs   5
WE1600 SPARK PLUG CAP & LEAD HT lead cap.jpg (123833 bytes)   COPPER CORED HT LEAD, per 12"-black or red 2
W10006 DISTRIBUTOR CAP 3TA/5TA W10006.JPG (10648 bytes)    54415803- 4CA contact set, twins 1963-67 approx 4CA points  
LU423486 -3TA/5TA- 18D2-DISTRIBUTOR ROTOR  (R59) R59.JPG (4911 bytes)   54419827-6CA POINTS 1968-72 Twins 6CA points  
      60600271 T140V contact set,10CA T140 contact set 10ca  
Condensor for distributor 3TA etc 5TA condensor.JPG (11134 bytes)   Lucas condensor,T140,T150 etc 54420128    
LP425219 CONTACT SET 3TA DISTRIBUTOR dist points   K2F Mag pick-up clip on K2F pickup clip  
LU400415/DSB 120C  Pre-unit /TRW distributor points pre-unit points 7.50 screw on  K2F pick up K2F screw on  
condensor for above Condensor pre-unit Triumph   LU47502 Alloy Mag pinion mag pinion  
Flasher lamps-
WE35022 WE35022.JPG (22112 bytes) 12.50 WE35070-SHORT RUBBER STEM,pair WE35070 12.50
WE35023 WE35023.JPG (23272 bytes) 12.50 WE35071-MINI  INDICATORS
WE35071.JPG (25037 bytes) 12.50
WE35024 CATEYE MINI-INDICATOR WE35024.JPG (23415 bytes) 12.50      
WE35029 WE35029        
WE35034-MINI INDICATOR SHORT WE35034 12.50      
WE35035-LONG BLACK/AMBER WE35035.JPG (23925 bytes) 12.50 LUCAS TYPE INDICATORS, state long or short stem   15 pair
99-1209 WARNING LAMP,red,green,blue or amber,
(original hexagonal type also available)
99-1209.JPG (6121 bytes) 6 CHROME 7" HEADLAMP SHELL PLAIN   40
99-9968 CHROME HEADLAMP SHELL,ammeter hole 1960-65,other types available 99-9968.JPG (7355 bytes) 42 W11057-7" HALOGEN LENS- these take STD car bulb.Lens shape may vary depending on stock
Lens fits in all the 7" shells listed here.
Halogen.jpg (138636 bytes) 34
W10148L Lucas head lamp shell T140E          
W10159/99-9980 GROMMET FOR HEADLAMP SHELLS & T140 FRAME 99-9980 grommit 3.75 W11058 Halogen 7" lens, with pilot light, same data as above, this is a "Gordon make" one 7 inchHalogen  
W19014 7" HEADLAMP RIM     12v Halogen bulb for above   6
Lucas 7" headlamp rim,T140 etc Lucas rim 17      
W50111 6.5" HEADLAMP RIM  5T etc W50111.JPG (45078 bytes)   bulb holder for above   4
6-1/2 " rim LP509484 W11055 7" HALOGEN LENS FOR RH DIP, to order  
W50193 6.5" HEADLAMP LENS 5T etc 6.5 lens   W11052 7" BPF LENS, fits numerous Brit bikes 7 BPF LENS.JPG (33435 bytes)  
W11059- 5 3/4 `` sealed beam lens 12v 37.5/60W   18.50  BPF  HEADLAMP BULB, most British bikes up to 1977, state 6v or 12v BPF bulb.JPG (11058 bytes)  
5 3/4 " LENS C15 etc 5 .75 LENS.JPG (30849 bytes)   W10156P PLAIN FLAT BACK SHELL W10156P.JPG (10182 bytes)  
W10156.JPG (21658 bytes)  
97-4058/60 T120 WIRE STAYS   97-4162/63 T150/R3 WIRE STAY HEADLIGHT BRACKETS 97-4162-63.JPG (13292 bytes)  
W19067 Alloy headlamp brackets c/w shims 34-36mm Alloy headlamp brackets   I106 GROMMET  for flat back shell I106.JPG (12441 bytes)  
W19065 Universal custom  headlamp brackets (holey) Holey headlamp brackets 15      
WHEL005 Stainless horn 12v Horn 12.50 WE16014 6V HORN SMALL smallhorn.JPG (20347 bytes) 7.50
WHEL004 12V CHROME GRILL HORN 100mm WHEL004.JPG (30800 bytes)   WWHEL002 12V SMALL HORN 70mm 12v small horn 7.50
HORN04-12V-100mm diam.12v horn HORNCh.JPG (19087 bytes)   RING 12V HORN(colour may vary) RING12VHORN.JPG (9645 bytes)  
WE35013 EMGO 12V BLACK HORN WE35013.JPG (13681 bytes) 10 LUCAS TYPE 6H HORN 12V,approx 4" diam W12V.JPG (23274 bytes)  
Rear lamps-
L525 REAR LAMP L525.JPG (30170 bytes)   W19034 CUSTOM TAIL LAMP HOUSING c/w 564 type lamp Chrlamp.jpg (9664 bytes) 38
WE35001 WE35001.JPG (22167 bytes) 14      
L564 REAR LAMP L564.JPG (31764 bytes) 9.75  
Lucas England L564 lamp Lucas England L564 37 Lucas L564 lamp    
W10087 T140 REAR LENS T140LensP.JPG (25755 bytes) 8.50 W19102P RED REFLECTOR   6.50
LP56513 T140 rear lamp T140 rear lamp   82-8194/W19144 Reflector holders,pair 82-8194 T120 33
W19042 L679 TYPE REAR LAMP L679lens 17 99-1161 amber reflector Amber reflector 8.50
      Red version  of above   8.50
      W19103,Lucas type RER25 57161 amber reflector,under tank late 1960`s 500/650   7.50
W19043 L679 REAR LENS W19043.JPG (13521 bytes) 8.75      
W19000 AMMETER 2" W19000 Ammeter   W19011 Ammeter 2" black face, 12-0-12 2 inch ammeter  
W19002 AMMETER 1.75" W19002 Ammeter        
W19019 AMMETER 1.75 " W19019 Ammeter


W19020-Lucas 12-0-12 ammeter 1.75", 36403 Lucas ammeter  
WE14028 BATTERY CHARGER 6V/12V WE14028 Batt charger   W19021-Lucas 8-0-8 ammeter,36084    
WE35002 FUSE HOLDER Fuseholder.JPG (17856 bytes)      
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