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Copper rocker box gaskets for Triumph Motorcycles.inlcuding
T140 750 Bonneville,
T150/T160 Trident,
Daytona 500,
650 Bonneville,

Belt drive kits
for Triumph T140,
Primary chain for T160,
Classic T140 sidepanels,

Dural pushrod tubes for Triumph Motorcycles,

Billet sump plate,

Spitfire camshafts
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Massive stocks of new Triumph Motorcycle (Meriden) parts from the late 1930`s till late 1980`s
just click on the links on the left hand side of the page to see all items in stock and
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If you do not see what you require then send us an
email and we will get back to you ASAP.
  ( Please note we only sell parts which we fit on our own bikes/restorations and which are normally scouced from UK suppliers.)
        We acept all major credit/debt cards thro
paypal all parts orders are done on line,
sorry no telephone orders.
price listed is UK £, just postage to add
Triumph (Meriden) Motorcycle Special parts
60-7400 TSX carb rubber, each TSX carb rubbers 60-7400 26.50 60-7625 TSS angled carb rubber for MK2 carbs    
T140/T160 front wheel hub , assembled with bearings & spindle etc, fits all front disc brake models from 1973 to 1982 T140 front wheel hub   329 T140V complete wheel hub, 1975/78 T140 rear disc hub   329
  T160 front wheel hub       T140 disc reart hub smiths    
37-7175L  superb Lightened 4 hole disc,  fits all Triumph (Meriden) disc spoke wheels,T140/T150/T160/TSS etc
T140 brake disc 60 Stainless brake cylinders, c/w ready built with seals etc, all disc brake Triumph Cylbarrel.jpg (122740 bytes) 71
MD656 T140 floating disc T140 floating disc 200 99-9918/13-13mm brake cylinders (STD is 5/8) gives more stopping power   71
Girling floating disc spoke wheels, some Morris wheels Girling brake disc 135      
MD838 Floating disc for T140D with Lester wheels,
alloy centre with stainless rotor, fully floating ,UK made.
T140D floating disc   Replica CP2696 Brake Caliper.
Manufactured on brand new tooling, this caliper can be used as a replacement for the Triumph T140 etc 60-4101 cast iron caliper, or for classic race/big brake conversions.
Light alloy construction with anodised surface finish, and hard anodised brake pistons.
T140 alloy caliper 125
W38140 Grimeca 4LS hub Grimeca-4LS-hub   W38148 Ferodo brake pads all Disc Triumphs(Meriden)  Ferodo.jpg (131576 bytes) 22
W61495-Micro Electronic IGNITION KIT, Triumph/BSA/Norton Twins & singles 12v models, small compact, nice piece of kit, European manufacture.
Fitting instructions
Wassell Ignition.JPG (30679 bytes) wassel ignition 96 W61476-Wassell Micro MK2
6 Volt and 12 Volt Electronic Ignition Kit for Twin Cylinder applications.
Primarily developed as a 6V Kit,
but also has the versatility of working as a 12V system.
Working Voltage range 4-18 Volts,
 depending upon the wiring configuration.
Superb build quality using our bullet proof
CNC Billet Alloy stator,
and dual internal circuit boards for reliability.
The new RJ51 Kit gives owners the option to
 upgrade from 6V to 12V system,
without the expense of buying another Ignition Kit.

Supplied boxed with full installation instructions.
Made in Europe!
wassell electronic ignition mk2
W10123L -Lucas 120W (max output 160W) single phase rectifier/regulator.
Supplied with superseal connectors and fly lead for connection to an existing loom.

Designed for use with Lucas single phase stator 47205, but not suitable for high output single phase stators
Can also be used to convert early 6V three lead stators to 12V.
1 PHASW REG-RECT   W10124L-Lucas 200W(max output 240W) three phase rectifier/regulator.
Supplied with superseal connectors and fly lead for connection to an existing loom.

Designed for use with Lucas Three phase Stators 47244,47252, but also suitable for European motorcycles using 240W (maximum output) three phase stators.
W10124L 3 phase  
      7" halogon headlamp lens fits T140/T150/T160 etc Halogen.jpg (138636 bytes)  
Morgo plunger oil pump Triumph Unit Twins   Morgo.jpg (27045 bytes) 113 MORGO 650-750 KIT for unit 650,

(To special  order)

750kit.JPG (37750 bytes)  
MORGOROTARY OIL PUMP  (the best) most unit 650& 750 TriumphTwins Morgorotary.JPG (36604 bytes)   PS215 -650 to 750 Big bore kit for unit 650 with 9 stud head big bore kit 650-750  
BILLET SUPER CONROD  to order for Triumph 500/650/750 including Trident -click on for more info on billet conrods Billet conrod.jpg (134458 bytes) 230 T140 BELT DRIVE KIT T140beltdrive.JPG (27603 bytes)  
PS237 T160 Primary chain kit ,comprise 2 chains and the 2 sprockets ,UK made for to replace the obsolete original duplex chain T160 primary chain  226 T140  belt drive kit with alloy clutch drum& 6 alloy friction plates T140 alloy kit  305
70-7578 T100 single carb manifold,1967 on,great for converting twin carb Daytona`s to single carb T100 manifold   BELT0001-spare belt for above   61
W90915 special thin manifold TR6/TR7 for to enable fitting of a Mikuni VM roundslide carb mikuni manifold 42 00-0066 5 speed gear cluster complete 650/750 Twins, fits pre-unit with a wee bit work
 (sprocket is extra, no bearings))
T140 5 speed gearbox 675
71-7505-Tiger 750 single carb head for push-over ex pipes Tiger750 head   71-7503 T140E/D head Triumph T140E cylinder head 699
W76008X Billet rocker box cap all Unit 500/650, each W76008X unit-rocker-box-cap   W79010 Rocker box caps Unit  500/650,chromed finned set of 4 Finnedcaps.JPG (8254 bytes) 20
70-1564R /W76013 pre-unit rocker box caps raised ,set of 4 pre-unit cap 69 Webco style rocker box caps alloy, Unit 500/650 set of 4 Webco caps  
W612178 Billet finned sump plate with magnetic drain plug pre-unit Triumph BILLET SUMP PLATE 49 Mushroom tappet adjusters from £6 each,T100/T120/T140 Trident etc Mushroom.JPG (6447 bytes) from 7
71-7017R T140 Race ex camshaft, spitfire profile T140 race cam 126 Dural Pushrod tubes various models  Duraltubes.JPG (35077 bytes) 56
70-9989 exhaust camshaft T120 Unit, popular fitment for T140 exhaust,314 lift compared to 0.305 lift on STD T140 650 exhaust cam 86 Aerco 7 PLATE CLUTCH  TWINS fits most 500/650/750 Triumph Twins.UK made 7Plate.jpg (129928 bytes)  

T140 etc (Colour may vary)

Billet pressure plate.JPG (23059 bytes) 48       
W27356 Billet alloy pressure plate 4 spring clutch   46      
T140 thick copper head gasket 80thou , 9 stud 650 and pr-unit 8 stud also available  Thickgask.jpg (134015 bytes) 24  70-6496C


 70-6496C.JPG (20705 bytes)  
71-2599C T140 copper rocker box gasket 25 thou thick  T140 copper rocker box gasket  12  70-8773C Trident copper rocker box gasket ,pair Trident copper rocker box gaskets  
 70-9348C unit 650   copper rocker box gasket 650 Triumph        
70-9511C unit 500   Triumph copper rocker box gasket 500        
       STAINLESS FORK SEAL HOLDERS unit 650,(state year)   75 
W28567 Universal weld on repair lug for side stand, 7/16 hole for bolt, 1" U .   lug   27      


    PS140 Fork bush & seal kit 650 1963-70 fork bush kit 


84-0027-ANTI-SLUDGE FRAME FILTER T140 WW97060.jpg (18057 bytes) 28

REMOTE CARTRIDGE OIL FILTERS-fits in return oil line-UNIVERSAL FIT for numerous wet sump m/cycles,Triumph/BSA etc

STD fitment on Norton Commando

Remotefilter.jpg (156034 bytes) 32


  Amal 376/600

W90612.JPG (26441 bytes) 21 OFFSET pancake air filter fits Amal Concentric 28/30/32
T140V etc
Pancake.jpg (152189 bytes)


97-4011P-PROGRESSIVE FORK SPRINGS 1971-83 Triumph 650/750   974011P.JPG (11272 bytes) 32 50320 Girling shocks  for T140 models   Girling shocks 140
        Girling shrouded shocks  
  W36001 handlebar ends, for 7/8 bars   W36001A bar-weights   8.50 W61571-handlebar P bolt rubber and washer kit P bolt washer kit 8
W36000   W36000 BAR-WEIGHTS 8.50 Handle bar solid bush kit, 4 stepped spacers, to replace all of the above including the metalastik bushes in the top yoke   12

W96054E Norton peashooter silencers 1 3/8,uses STD Norton mounting, popular for T140, pair

peashooters.jpg (52275 bytes) 139
Elite motorcycle chain numerous sizes from £25 elite chain   83-9000 T140 chrome chainguard    
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