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Triumph T140 750 Bonneville exhaust pipes,
Triumph motorcycle silencers,
British motorcycle silencers,
BSA A65 exhaust pipes,
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Massive stocks of new Triumph Motorcycle  (Meriden) parts from the late 1930`s till late 1980`s
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Triumph Meriden Motorcycle exhaust pipes and silencers
Standard type fitment silencers-
W96067 T140 silencer, also T150 1973/5,-PAIR T140 silencers 142 71-2382 1971/2 T120/T150 MEGAPHONE    
W96225E UNIT350/500-RH 500 silencer   WE38001A -Universal 26" Chrome 'Dunstall' style replica silencer, complete with sliding bracket, clamp and reducers.
Fits both Left and Right side.

Length : Aprox 26"
Chrome plated
Inlet : 1-5/8", with reducer kit to 1-1/2" and 1-3/8"
WE38001A Dunstal  
W96224E     LH 3TA silencer   W96322-Universal  Chrome Reverse cone megaphone Silencer.
Supplied with mounting bracket, clamp and reducers.
Fits both Left and Right side.

Length : aprox 26"
Chrome plated
Inlet Size: 1- 5/8" reduced to 1-1/2" and 1-3/8"
W96322.JPG (35267 bytes)  
  650 UNIT,short TYPE ,23 1/2" long,Each Emgo650.JPG (13726 bytes) 61      
W809 CLASSIC T120 1971/73 -Made in UK T140classic-W809.JPG (24596 bytes)   06-1978 (W96056E)-Peashooters for 1 3/8 diam ex pipes STD Norton mounting with 2 threaded bosses on each silencer, popular fitment for T140.PAIR peashooters 139
W96014, Imported version of above, C/W reducers for T140 exhaust pipes     71-4402A-PERFORMANCE STRAIGHT-THRO SILENCER FOR T160,may require modification off mounting bracket-UK Made T160 silencers  
W695-RIGID FRAME-UK made RIGID-SILENCER.JPG (7332 bytes)        
W623P-S/ARM PRE-UNIT 54-59 54-59 s-arm        
pre-unit 1960/62 duplex frame Duplex silencers        
Custom type silencers-
WE38018 Hooligan silencer,19" long, channel fitting c/w reducers, fattest part 3 1/2" Hooligan silencer   W96316/7 TIP UP MUFFLERS

20" long, fits 1 .5" -1 3/4" ex pipes

TIP UP MUFFLERS.JPG (19917 bytes) 127

17" long,1.5- 1 3/4" ex pipes

MEGS.JPG (27676 bytes) WE38009-
Universal Chrome 20" Megaphone Silencer.
Supplied with sliding channel universal mount, 7-1/2" chrome mounting bracket and reducers.
Perforated core and painted black end cap
Length : 20"
Chrome plated
Inlet : 1-3/4" reduced to 1-1/2" and 1-5/8"
WE38009.JPG (20473 bytes)
Brackets etc-
71-2282 1971/2 T120 SILENCER BRACKET T120silencerbracket 25PAIR WE38016 baffle Baffle 7
71-3810/11 T150 SILENCER PLATE 1971/2 T150silencerplate.JPG (29284 bytes) 25PAIR EX CLIPS,1 3/8,1 1/2, 1 5/8,1 3/4 & 1 7/8 W93100 ex clip.JPG (6334 bytes) 9.50
83-7021/2  T140 SILENCER PLATES 83-7021-2.JPG (5997 bytes)        


Exhaust pipes-
T87-T160 Trident-71-4407/4424/4427/4429/4431 T160EX.jpg (8866 bytes)   71-7507/8 T140 PUSH-OVER BALANCED 71-7507-8 139
70-7597 T150 exhaust manifold 70-7597 T150 manifold   71-7507/8 un balanced version   134
  Trident T150 Exhaust manifold        
71-3812/5 T150 down pipes 1973 on 71-3812-5 T150 ex pipes        
      71-7387/90 T140V 1978 Push in    
T88- 2-1,1979 US T140D
Bonneville Special 2-1
T140D exhaust pipes   71-3755/8


71-3755-8W.JPG (20841 bytes) 134
W838 silencer for above, made in UK to original spec T140D silencer   TSS T140W 8 valve,
T93-Un balanced(NO BALANCE PIPE)
TSS pipes.jpg (35021 bytes) 136
T140D Bonneville Special ,showing exhaust system T140D special   T94-TSX,also known as 1 3/4 side drag pipes,fits 650 /750 unit,push-over T94TSX.JPG (27381 bytes)  
T69-650 TT,unit 650 mid 1960`s,1 3/4"
T69TT1.JPG (27517 bytes)   TR7 fitted with TSX ex pipes and W96316/7 tip -ups TSX Triumph exhaust pipes  
T81-1972 500 Ex pipes, balanced, push in,1 .25" diam, with 1.5" for silencer end   120      
70-5966 TT PIPES REAR CLIPS TTpipesclip.JPG (22539 bytes)   71-2753/6 1971 T120 Ex pipes,balanced,push-over,1 1/2" cupped ends T120 exhaust pipes 1971 139
      71-2753/6UN -unbalanced   130
      70-9888 BALANCE TUBE,for balanced exhaust pipes T120/T140 19
70-5957/8- 650 UNIT, unbalanced fits pre OIF 650 T68.JPG (21857 bytes) 96 T43A T100 Pre-unit s/arm T43A.JPG (20247 bytes)  
70-3992/4 -3TA/5TA/T100A Ex down pipes 70-3992-4   70-3347/3350 T110 exhaust pipes 1954/57--left hand T110 Ex  
      Right hand T110 ex  
      70-3632/4133 -1960/62 650 Triumph T120 ex pipes  
T74 1967-68 TR6C hi-level type both on LH TR6C exhaust pipes 1967-68.JPG (18952 bytes)   71-0022/24 650 Hi-level, both on LH side,1968/71    
      70-9673O- H PIECE HpieceTR6C.JPG (20918 bytes)  
      70-9673P  H piece 67/68    
      82-7549 Silencer clip TR6C TR6Csilencerclip.JPG (14560 bytes)  
71-2465/W26589 T140V 71-2465.JPG (24918 bytes) 16   2205-1.jpg (38303 bytes)  
A178-1-3/4" LARGE FINNED A178.JPG (27661 bytes)   EA138-1-3/8 TIP-UP BEND EA138.JPG (12329 bytes)  
      EA112- 1 1/2    
Because off manufacturing indifferences in the making off pipes ,silencers ,mudguards, seats & grab rails there may be some fettling of said components required to enable a satisfactory  fit. This must be borne in mind when purchasing said items.
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